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Prime Video Sports has released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming docuseries Good Rivals. Good Rivals, an Amazon Prime Video series about the 30-year-old rivalry between the American and Mexican national men’s soccer teams is coming soon.

Good Rivals: Release date

Good Rivals will be released in three-part on November 24 on Amazon Prime Video.

Good Rivals: Creators

DirectorGabriel Serra
Executive producerDavid Ellison, Jesse Sisgold, and Jon Weinbach

Good Rivals Release date Creators synopsis trailer details

Good Rivals: Synopsis

Good Rivals will reveal the political, sporting, and social layers of a rivalry that has been a must-see TV show for over 30 years. Good Rivals is more than a sports documentary.

It focuses on the personal and professional lives of the stars of each country, such as Rafa Marquez from Mexico and Landon Donovan from the United States. These celebrities became icons of their countries’ cultures in the mid-2000s. 

Good Rivals will also explore the intense, international struggle for talent and fan support that made the U.S.-Mexico border a fascinating soccer frontier in the world.

Players–and their families–from both nations became the focal point of recruitment battles between these two deeply connected countries.

Good Rivals: Other details

Gabriel Serra, the director of the docuseries was nominated previously for the Academy Award as Best Documentary.

Good Rivals: Trailer

Experts examine the history of the US-Mexico soccer rivalry using the stories of players and supporters and the wider political implications. Players discuss how the hostility felt was rooted in interconnected politics between the two countries as well as their shared border.

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