Bullet Train: release date, review, trailer, cast, and everything we know about

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One of the most important new movies, and summer blockbusters in 2022, Bullet Train pairs Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock together, as well as other familiar faces, in an action movie.

Bullet Train was directed by David Leitch (best known for Deadpool 2 & Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw). It is based upon a popular Japanese novel written by Kotaro Isaka. The comedy revolves around five assassins, who board the same bullet train in Japan. They soon discover that their missions are interconnected.

Empire magazine recently interviewed Leitch about the movie. He said: “You hear Bullet Train and you think Hard-boiled action. It’s actually a hilarious, comedic thriller of action and comedy that is deliriously funny.

He said, “There’s some physical comedy. The fights are meant to enrich the characters. This super-contained space is for us to have fun.”

The buzz surrounding the film is indicating that it will feature an all-star cast. There are also rumors about a lot of explosive fight scenes and a satisfying pace as the train speeds towards its destination. Bullet trains can travel at speeds exceeding 300 mph.

When will Bullet Train be released?

Bullet Train
Bullet Train: release date, review, trailer, cast, and everything we know about 3

Bullet Train is now only playing in movie theatres around the globe.

After a few detours, this is the final stop of the movie. Bullet Train first was dated for spring 2022. Then it moved to July 15. It then had one more date shift, t July 29, before finally settling down on August 5.

Bullet Train was originally scheduled to open on July 29th. However, Forbes (opens in a new window) reports that the movie has been delayed by just one week and will now open on August 5.

What’s the basis of Bullet Train?

Bullet Train was based on a novel written by KotaroIsaka. Original publication under the title Maria Beetle. Now republished under the title Bullet Train (opens in new window)

Bullet Train cast

Brad Pitt, a megastar who plays Ladybug only, is leading the cast. Sandra Bullock, a fellow Hollywood star and actor from Ocean’s Eight, plays Maria Beetle.

The production also features big names like Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nowhere Boy actor and Kick-Ass actor, Joey King (The Kissing Booth), Brian Tyree Henry, Eternals actor, and Lemon-King actor, Hiroyuki Sanada (Warrior), and Bad Bunny (aka Benito A Martinez Ocasio), as Wolf. Michael Shannon ( Knives out, 9 Perfect Strangers), is also confirmed.

How long duration is Bullet Train?

Bullet Train clocks in with a runtime of two hours and six minutes.

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