Friday Fright Nights: Watch slasher movie Scare Zone right here!

A complete Free Movie of the Day is available on the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel Every day of the week however on Fridays, things can get a little more crazy and even more exciting. Start your weekend off in the right manner by taking pleasure with Friday Night Fright Nights!

Each Friday we’ll take an examination of a different kind of film you can enjoy in all its entirety for free by visiting the YouTube channel mentioned above or on the embed of the video below.

Each year hundreds of haunted house attractions of different kinds open throughout in the United States… and yet , we’ve got only a handful of great horror films that take place in haunted attractions. So here’s a suggestion-slash-plea that goes out to every aspiring filmmaker: if you have access to a haunted attraction, make a movie there! That’s exactly what director/writer Jon Binkowski did back in the days, and the outcome was the current Friday Fright Night feature, the slasher that was Scare Zone.

The Scare Zone was shot at an attraction that was constructed to be used during Halloween. Halloween Horror Nights event at the Universal Orlando Resort. Halloween passed and the resort’s owners wanted to keep the maze in place to present it at an annual theme park event in November.

So it would be in a state of disrepair for a few weeks. Then Binkowski came in. He’s always felt a little scared by haunted house attractions, not only because of the actors who jumped out at him from every angle. He was frightened due to the idea that was in the back of his head, wondering would happen if there really was an axe-wielding killer residing within the haunt’s staff waiting to slay the guests who paid. Then he wrote that fear onto paper and then rushed to put the Scare Zone to production.

This is pretty much the only thing that can be said about it. Binkowski did try to give the characters depth by spending time developing the friendship of one worker and his, at times, troublesome coworker.

The characters are performed by Arian Waring Ash and Chris Burns, who were included in the cast with Simon Needham, Neil Brown Jr, Michaela Stamm, Michele Feren, Jordan Woods-Robinson Patty Bender, Justin Bowen, Amber Freeman, Jillian Kinsman Peyton Lee, Jesse Malinowski, Pat Mccahon, Jim H. Miranda, Emily Onimus, Juan Santos, Howard Winn, and Leigh Anne Wolfe.

The Scare Zone takes place in Halloween, naturally, however, this is a movie set during Halloween that has a surprising fascination with Christmas… And it’s a bit similar to the Christmas romance films that air on the air each year.

Friday Fright Nights

It shares a similar style and feel to it, and shows some of the outrageous funny acting that is often seen in a romance film of the Christmas season. Binkowski definitely had a unique style to this slasher flick.

Also, make sure to visit the Scare Zone for yourself – since it’s free! Look at the things that Binkowski could do when he was able to access the haunted house, If you’re a budding filmmaker and have access to such a location begin to think about what you can create in the area.

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