How The Sandman Fits Into the DC Universe?

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The problem with adapting a well-known novel or comic book is that there are always fans who don’t like the inevitable changes that a show has to make. A well-crafted adaptation can transform it so that viewers don’t even think about the changes that are made in the process Poor attempts to bring concepts to screen makes any change appear to be an unintentional omission in comparison to what fans actually want.

In The Sandman, a Netflix original The Sandman There are significant and minor changes from Neil Gaiman’s highly acclaimed comics series. Minor changes, such as the hair of Dream shrinking from its awe-inspiring dimensions to more of a sensible teaser, is easy to most people to go to a consensus on. However, there’s one major change however, that’s creating some controversy.

In a marked change from the comic, the TV adaptation from The Sandman doesn’t feature an actor who plays the British warrior John Constantine (who has previously been played in the comic by Matt Ryan and Keanu Reeves).

Instead of his well-known appearance as a blonde-haired man wearing a pinstripe dress, The Sandman stars Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine who is a direct female lineage heir to John Constantine. The comics of Gaiman typically portray the real John Constantine.

Coleman’s performance is thrilling even though she only appears briefly during The Sandman Season 1. If the show is given the Season 2 green light from Netflix We’ll probably be able to experience more of Coleman’s spin on the magician.

For those who love Comics, this show might be a little confusing but we’ve got an explanation of the way Johanna Constantine and John Constantine are incorporated into Netflix’s new fantasy series.

Who Is Johanna Constantine? Is she the same as John Constantine?


Although John Constantine is in The Sandman comics, the character doesn’t feature on Netflix’s The Sandman. In the comic, the descendant of his Johanna Constantine appears (and has an identical ancestral lineage). Not just an alternate gender of the warrior, Johanna appears as a person in DC Comics, much like John.

The character was created by Neil Gaiman, Johanna Constantine is an aristocrat from the 18th century and adventurer, who is the maternal grandmother of John Constantine. Her first appearance was in The Sandman #13.

In the TV series, she disrupts a meeting with Dream Hob Gadling and Dream. Hob Gadling. They meet at least once every 100 years. In the show, Dream is able to put her to sleep and in the comics, Hob Gadling suggests a deal to her.

Who is Jenna Coleman?

This British actor is working in the world of television and film since the mid-2000’s with roles in numerous films and TV shows, including The Serpent, Doctor Who, and also in Emmy award-winning Victoria.

A press event was held prior to the film premiere, SlashFilm interviewed Gaiman who explained that the decision was made for a female actor to play Constantine. “The truth is that we discussed that during the initial sitting and dinner, prior to pitching the idea to Netflix and everyone else, it is one thing that made sense. It was obvious and big that we would (cast a female).”

He also acknowledged Jenna Coleman for her portrayal.

“I believe Jenna is the greatest Constantine to date on screen and oddly, she’s also the most authentic since she is funny, as well as the beauty, as well as the doomed, sleazy quality. You are aware that if you love Jenna, you’re mortal and demon fodder. Also, you are aware that you will end up being over her.”

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