How to Watch Bullet Train Right Now?

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Sometimes, you don’t need to watch a Marvel or DC film. Sometimes, you don’t need to think about plot continuity or a complicated plot, all you want is an action-packed, fun film. This is the place where Bullet Train comes in.

With Brad Pitt alongside a host of other famous actors ( Eternalsand Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry, former MCU actor and Sony-Marvel anti-hero, Aaron-Taylor-Johnson, and even the music star Bad Bunny), Bullet Train‘s concept is quite simple that Agent (Pitt) must combat an army of enemies to accomplish his task. Beyond that, the film is an excuse to relax and unwind while watching fight after fight battle.

While the review score for the film is not exactly great at 53 percent of Rotten Tomatoes, audiences are happy and the movie has a dazzling 83% rating from the audience at the date of the writing. It’s clear that Although it might not be successful in all its endeavors, Bullet Train is an enjoyable adventure for those who love action.

The film debuted in cinemas on August 5 however, obviously many people aren’t looking to purchase tickets to enjoy the experience in person. Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, and the many other streaming services that are out are forever changing the way viewers consume their television and films.

Within a month after the release of a theatrical film, you can watch movies from the privacy of our home as long as we’re on the correct platforms. There’s no reason to be ashamed of asking the ever-popular question what date will this film be available for streaming?

How to watch Bullet Train

How to Watch Bullet Train

At the moment, Bullet Trains is only available in theaters. However, there’s good news for cord-cutters in the majority It’ll eventually make its way to Netflix.

Buy tickets here.

In the words of IGN, thanks to a contract that was struck between Netflix as well as Sony, Bullet Train(much as the film from Sony, Uncharted that landed on Netflix on the 5th of August) will be coming to Netflix following its initial theatrical release. While it’s not clear time when it will be added to the streaming service the film could arrive at least by the end of 2022.

In the meantime, head to the theaters if would like to watch Brad Pitt’s latest film and we’ll keep you updated in the event that Bullet Train makes its journey to Netflix.

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